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At Cedar Valley, we have been producing premium shingle panels for over 35 years. Our siding panels are handcrafted in our factory using 100% western red cedar shingles to provide ultimate beauty and natural protection that your customer’s desire. With our flush mount corners, the panels install quickly and easily — saving time and money while giving your project the curb appeal that cement and vinyl just can’t duplicate. With three layers of protection and fire and hurricane ratings, our siding system will give your customers peace of mind knowing that they have purchased nature’s finest siding!

Cedar Valley Decorator Panels are made of 100% kiln-dried clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar. The panels save time on cuts around doors and windows and on gables. The real tapered shingles lay like real shingles with real overlap and real keyways.  The cross-grain sawing creates a natural shingle surface which, combined with the vertical grain cedar used, allows stain to penetrate deeper and paint to cover more evenly.  Available in both Decorator Panels or Individual Decorator Shingles.

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